Welcome to the Atlantic Mission District of the North American Lutheran Church. The North American Lutheran Church, or NALC, was founded in prayer in 2010, and is one of the fastest growing Christian communions in North America.  The NALC has grown from a handful of charter congregations the last few months of 2010 to just under 400 congregations.  We are confessional Lutherans, meaning we are orthodox Christians both in terms of belief and practice and take our confessional roots seriously. As Christians of the Lutheran confession, we of the NALC uphold the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the norm or standard by which our beliefs and practices are measured. The NALC is further committed to four central or core values. We are Christ-centered, mission-driven, traditionally-grounded, and congregationally-focused. 

The Atlantic Mission District is the largest of the 31 mission districts of the NALC in terms of geographical area, ranging from the Canadian border to Washington, D.C. We are comprised of  27 congregations, some of which are brand new and others which have histories of two hundred years and more.  Whether old or new, all of our congregations are focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and growing in the grace of God.
Please use this site to learn more about us, the NALC, the congregations of our mission district, and our faith.  Again, welcome.


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